3 Reasons You May Need Hip Replacement Lawyers

Millions of individuals have had some type of hip replacement surgery. This type of procedure has the potential to dramatically improve a person’s life. There are many cases, however, when less than desirable results have occurred after having a hip replacement. There are three general reasons you may need to seek out hip replacement lawyers.

1. You’re Experiencing Complications

Complications after hip surgery are one of the primary reasons you may need to seek out the advice of hip replacement lawyers. Everything from a reaction to the anesthesia during surgery to a complication occurring after the surgery can happen. You may develop a condition called Metallosis. This is a type of blood poisoning that can occur from the shedding of metal in your body. There are several other types of complications that can happen during or after a hip replacement.

  • Blood Clots – Blood clots can form in the large veins of the body after major surgery. These clots can potentially lead to a blockage in the lungs.
  • Femur Fractures – Fractures can occur around the metal components placed in the femur. 
  • Joint Infections – Serious joint infections often require antibiotic therapy and multiple surgeries.
  • Different Leg Lengths – If the difference in length exceeds a few centimeters it can cause. numbness and pain from the stretched nerves.
  • Hip Dislocation – This happens when the femur actually comes out of the socket.

2. You’re Still Experiencing Pain

One of the primary reasons an individual will have a hip replacement is to reduce pain. If you’re still finding it difficult to stand, sit, or walk after your hip replacement you may need to find an experienced hip replacement attorney. There could be a variety of reasons that you’re still experiencing pain after undergoing surgery and adequate recovery time.

3. The Device or Product was not Safe

Unfortunately, some products are marketed as safe when they turn out to be dangerous. Some devices are rushed onto the market before adequate testing can be completed. Because of the desire for profits, some companies may, unfortunately, put a hip replacement product on the market too soon. You may then need more surgeries to take out or replace a defective device.

If you have experienced any of the above conditions you may need the assistance of experienced hip replacement lawyers. Whether there was negligence on the part of a manufacturer or a surgeon, an attorney can give you the legal advice you need to make the best decisions possible. Make sure to get the help you need when suffering from a hip replacement complication.

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