4 Tips for Talking With Your Doctor

When you rely on someone for your health, it’s important that you have a good relationship with them, one that you feel safe in. The first step for that is to find someone you’re comfortable with – whether it is a general physician, or a specialist for a disease or condition that you’re fighting.

It helps to get recommendations from friends and family who may have consulted with the doctor before.. Make sure you do not leave his/her clinic with any unanswered questions, fears, or doubts. Follow these tips below to make the most of your next visit to the doctor.

Note down a list of questions

Whenever you go to the doctor, be sure to take all your past medical reports with you, so that you don’t have to make a second appointment or share it with the doctor later. If you’re visiting regarding an illness that is troubling you, be sure to ask your doctor all the question you have in mind about it, for instance:

  1. What may have caused it?
  2. What kind of treatment is needed?
  3. Does the treatment/ medication have any side effects?
  4. What is the duration of the treatment/ medication?
  5. What lifestyle/ diet changes are needed to support the treatment?
  6. When should the next appointment be?

Often you may have an agenda when you go to the clinic, buy you still end up forgetting a thing or two. It may help to write down all your concerns and bring them up point by point with the doctor.

Understand the financial implications

Medical treatments, especially when it comes to major illnesses like heart disease, cancer, or kidney disease, can be quite expensive. Many people are unable to bear the cost of these treatments, but they never say anything to the doctor possibly out of discomfort.

If you share your financial concerns with your doctor they might be able to help you find a practical solution for it. For instance they might prescribe lower cost medications whilst making sure the quality is not compromised.

In India crowdfunding too is being suggested by doctors to their patients who’re finding treatment expensive. Crowdfunding India websites like Impact Guru have even collaborated with hospitals and doctors to ensure families with financial distress are able to get financial support for treatment costs.

Be honest during the consult

Your doctors may meet hundreds of patients with all kinds of problems each day. So there should not be room for fear of judgement. Be honest with your doctors regarding your eating habits, lifestyle, social problems, troubles with medication, or anything else that you feel poses a threat to your health.

By doing so you’re ensuring that your doctor can take necessary steps to address those problems and help you overcome them. If anything is beyond his/her line of practice, they may still have recommendations as to whom you should visit or what you should do.

Take notes

During the appointment, you may be bombarded with medical jargon. But don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to slow down so that you can make a note of all his/her suggestions and prescriptions. It can be rather troublesome if you miss an important detail or have a mix up in the name of medications.

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