Choosing a Lightsaber Blade 

What’s the most important part of a lightsaber? It’s the blade, of course! When you’re choosing a blade, you have a lot to consider. How long? What color? Diffusion? What about durability? Here’s what you need to know about these options:


Polycarbonate blades come in a wide variety of lengths. The blade length can make a big difference in both the lightsaber’s visual impact and how easy it is to use. If you’re a shorter person or have short arms, you may be more comfortable with a 24″ blade. UltraSabers offers blades from 16″ to 40″.


Many of their polycarbonate blades are translucent, allowing the LED you choose to shine through. However, we also offer another option: white polycarbonate. White polycarbonate diffuses the light with interesting effects. These blades have a full, even glow of color extending along the length. This effect looks fantastic in photography or films. However, keep in mind that the LED color saturation will be affected. Intense colors look pastel and deep colors may seem pale or washed out.


As a material, polycarbonate is ultra durable for its weight. This makes it far superior to acrylic. You can use thicker blades for full force dueling. They’re also appropriate for film or TV sets where it could be dropped or encounter hard wear and impacts. Even if you only use the lightsaber for light work such as on photo shoots, polycarbonate will keep looking great for years.

Additional Features

Do you want to enhance the look of your polycarbonate lightsaber? At UltraSabers, they offer a number of optional features. One of these is blade plugs. These fit over the hilt when the blade has been removed. Blade plugs create an eye-catching glowing circle effect. The plugs also improve safety. You won’t have to worry about blinding yourself or others with the lightsaber’s powerful LED.

Does your saber use an MLS? They offer an optional quick disconnect system. This lets you swap out colors on the fly. An MLS is great for people who go to busy fan conventions, for instance.

Your lightsaber can come with two different tips, round and pointed. Rounded tips are generally considered ‘safer’ and more comfortable for person-to-person use such as with sparring. Pointed tips give a more dramatic visual profile.

Many of their saber designs also come with sound. This added option lets you channel your favorite Jedi Master or Sith Lord with matching sound effects. It also adds layers of realism to movies or TV clips.

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