Corporate Lunch Event: Planning Tips, Menu Ideas, And More

A corporate lunch event is the middle ground between a catered lunch meeting and a massive event held at night. There is something about the lunchtime that makes the gather seem less formal and grand. However, just because it is a corporate luncheon doesn’t mean it is any less important. Arranging the affair also takes time, skill, and a lot of planning.

As a way to lessen the burden on your shoulders, here’s everything you need to know about throwing an impressive corporate lunch event:

1 – Know Who’s Attending

Do some research about the people attending the lunch and find out what are the goals of throwing the event. Will this be held to reward staff members for the excellent work or will the lunch be for wooing clients to sign a deal? The more you know about who the lunch is for and what it is for, the better you can plan.

2 – Get A Heat Count

Find out how many people are attending the event so you can set a budget and coordinate with the lunch caterers accordingly. It is always good to add a few extra heads to the final count so that you have extra food in case others want to get seconds.

3 – Find The Right Location

Are you planning a sit-down lunch or will this be cocktails and finger foods? Deciding on the theme and atmosphere of the party will help you narrow down the best location for the event. If you have a large enough conference room in the office, adding a few tables and chairs might just do the trick!

4 – Always Have Vegan And Vegetarian Options

All catered events today must have a vegan and vegetarian option for guests to choose from. Hiring professional lunch caterers that can prepare amazing vegan dishes that taste delectable, even to non-vegans is always a plus. Everyone can enjoy the meal, even if they don’t have any dietary restrictions.

5 – Consider Food Allergies

If there is no way to find out about every specific food allergy and dietary restrictions of your guest always use labels. This is especially important for buffets where some people might not be aware that the food they are getting contains an ingredient they are allergic to. Be very strict about the allergy policies with the caterer so that no cross-contamination happens in the kitchen while preparing the food.

6 – Keep Menu Options Fresh

If you have hosted and planned several corporate lunch events it is easy to fall into a pattern and order the same food again and again. This will result in people getting bored with the food and some might not even appreciate the menu after some time. Keep things fresh and exciting by adding some new dishes to the menu.

7 – Avoid A Lull

There is nothing more awkward than a silent room with people talking in hushed voices while they eat their lunch. Make sure to encourage mingling so that guests to don’t have to deal with a lull in the atmosphere.

Whether you are hosting a grand lunch business meeting or a simple get together, Saint Germain Catering is one of the top lunch caterers you can trust. Contact us today and let us know how we can be of service.

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