Tips For Preventing Skin Cancer  

Your Monroe NY dermatology office reports that the American Academy of Dermatology estimates that one out of every five Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their lives. Before the age of 50, the incidence of melanoma is higher in women than in men. In addition, the World Health Organization reports that over 65,000 people worldwide die from melanoma every year.

How Do People Get Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer is believed to be caused by overexposure to natural and artificial ultraviolet light. Natural ultraviolet light comes from the sun. A common source of artificial ultraviolet light is from tanning beds.

How Can You Avoid Skin Cancer?

Skin cancer can be avoided. Though you don’t want to avoid the sun altogether because you need Vitamin D, being reasonable with your sun exposure is a necessity. Here are some ways to avoid skin cancer.

Cover Up

Are you beach-bound this summer? Don’t forget sun safety. The easiest way to avoid sun burn, sun stroke and and increased risk of skin cancer is to cover up. A fashionable straw hat will not only protect your head from sun burn, but will keep your hair from drying out in the sun. Wear a light, gauzy bathing suit cover up when not swimming. If you experience burned shoulders while swimming, wear a t-shirt even in the water.

Don’t forget to protect the tops of your feet. When sitting in your beach chair, cover your feet with something, such as a beach towel. Alternatively, you could bury your feet in the sand to keep the sun from reaching them.

If you’re not at the beach, but just walking around town, it’s easy to forget that you can still get sunburned. Get in the habit of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes and the delicate skin around your eyes. Overexposure to the sun can contribute to eye and eyelid cancer.

Use The Right Sunscreen

Many people slather on commercial sunscreen to protect against skin cancer. Unfortunately, many sunscreen brands contain ingredients that are carcinogenic. The Environmental Working Group has put together data that helps smart consumers like you to make the right choices when you buy commercial products like sunscreen. The EWG’s Guide to Sunscreens is a valuable resource that you should refer to before applying any sunscreen to your skin or your family’s skin.

Remember that the best way to prevent skin cancer is to cover up. Sunscreens are great at protecting the back of your neck and ears, as well as your nose and cheekbones. But to avoid bringing even more chemicals into your daily life, covering up is always the best option.

Lastly, be sure to visit your Monroe NY dermatology office often. They can examine areas of your skin that are not readily visible to you, such as your back. The advice of your dermatologist is always the best resource for skin cancer information.

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