You Have an Autopilot to Enhance Your Photos

A photo is imported in Photolemur, and it analyzes the photo, it detects faces, colors, and exposures, and makes a perfect finished photo.

Some professional editors would spend hours and hours on a photo to detail out the shadows, and then wring out every pixel of color.

Photolemur understands that every person on the world doesn’t have that much patience or expertise. The only thing you need to learn is drag and drop, and that will do, and mostly everyone in the world knows dragging and dropping in a computer.

Photolemur has the advantage of Artificial Intelligence. It can analyze a picture, improve its color, compensate bad exposures, and reduce noise. When you drag an image in the icon of Photolemur, you will see a screen with darting specks of light and lines in the form of a 3D model, and this is what is artificial intelligence brain, and the image is imaginary of course.

As soon as Photolemur receives the image, it will start enhancing the image, and the program will tell you what it is doing, for example, recovering color, sky enhancement, and detecting faces. When it ends, it shows “Doing Magic,” and your photo appears with dissecting line, now you can slide across the image and see how was the image before and after.

You get only one button to push now, and it is to save the image that is corrected into your desktop, or even you can post it on any social media platform.

Adobe is the company that is considered as gold standards for photo editing, with programs such as Lightroom and Photoshop. But there are some other software companies, such as Pictorial and MacPhun, they also have designed powerful programs that would intuitively with the help of slider bards and adjusts look of the images and can make apply the enhancements with just one click.

But the fact is that Photolemur is even easier. In other programs in some presets you will find that they seem like a heavy-handed filler or layer.

How is Photolemur Better?

The automatic adjustment is what a photo needs to look professional. Some colors may pop but not too much. You will find the blue sky turned into a little bluer white, but still, you are going to love it. As per the company, the software goes on learning, and so when you work with some images, it will learn more and more.

It can process Raw files and also can recognize file profiles of different brands of cameras. It can process a folder full of images at once.

When a photographer makes adjustments of lights and color while taking a picture, it depends on his/her personal choice. Photolemur is a nice tool in hand, if you don’t want to mess up with your original picture and picture will better using Photolemur.

So, don’t challenge your patience, if you are not good at editing, rather go for Photolemur, and it will enhance your photos such that they will look professional as you want them to look like on your social media platforms.

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